Lyndsey Housden – 360º (2019)

The Grey Space collaborated with artist Lyndsey Housden for the development of her project 360º. In 360º Housden focused on the awareness of movement and mobility of the human body, which can be seen and understood through many different lenses and from many different specialisms. 

Photo by Alessa Photography

The project embraced the belief that only through physical expression and experience, knowledge about the body is directly generated and the information truly embodied; to be manifested and learned from. 360º is a project that combined knowledge and expertise from dance, interaction design and robotics.

The first research stage of 360º started with the quest to capture data from the joints of a dancer in motion, in order to translate this data for the purpose of driving robotic elements, which in turn fragment and mirror this data (captured from the moving body). This setup provided the foundations for an interactive installation, which reframed the moving ‘body image’ and expressive human movement (in dance), by programming robotic movement for the purpose of embodying human artistic expression.

In order to conduct further research into the expression of the behavior of a kinetic artwork, The Grey Space and Housden realized a follow-up residency in the Soft Robotic Matter Lab of AMOLF. This residence has been specially set up in the lab as a result of the 360º project for Housden and took place in 2020.

The first act of the symposium ‘When You See Me Again It Won’t Be Me’ on May 28, 2019 focused on the interaction between research on dance movements and research on haptic robotics and marks the culmination of Lyndsey Housden’s artistic residency at The Grey Space.

360º is a project by Lyndsey Housden in collaboration with Akos Maroy, Claudia Ribeiro, Hanneke Hulst, Arad Inbar, Joris Strijbos, Joana Chicau. Partners are The Grey Space in the Middle, TU Delft Robotics, Klankvorm, ICK Amsterdam, MOVE Foundation at VUMC and is supported by Creative Industries Fund NL.