Collective Works – From 1.50 to 1.20 (2021)

Starting from an expanded notion of design, Collective Works actively engages with the context they are in. This not only includes the physical site and its surroundings, but particularly the social relationships that make it into a place or entity.

Collective Works designed the Perpetual Beta exhibition and developed a modular support structure. The system (developed in collaboration with Refunc architects) consists of seating, working and presentation arrangements and forms the base of the new venue infrastructure. Through active usage the system will be tuned and adjusted over time.

Additionally Collective Works developed their own project within the context of this exhibition. ‘From 1.50 to 1.20’ is a one on one behavioural mapping that tracks makers and visitors. It reflects on how individuals act in space during a time when the restrictions of the 1 meter 50 society are gradually abolished.