Zakuszka featuring Chaku Chaku

Fri 14 June
Pay What You Can

Hosted by Zakuszka.Live

Join Zakuszka and Chaku Chaku for an electrifying evening filled with a soothing, smooth, and welcoming blend of musical influences.

Zakuszka will kick off the evening with their unique blend of styles, showcasing innovative ideas and a variety of musical influences. Their performance will create an engaging, harmonious sound, setting a welcoming and vibrant tone for the night.

In the second round, several Chaku Chaku family members will join Zakuszka on stage for a jam session.

The event will culminate in an open jam session, inviting all attending musicians to join in for spontaneous collaboration. This open stage will blend different styles and instruments, fostering community and shared creativity.

Practical Information

Doors open at 20.00, the program starts at 21.00.

The tickets follow a Pay What You Can principle, allowing you to pay an amount that you can afford.


Zakuszka is an international band based in Den Haag, formed in 2023. The lineup includes a keyboardist, saxophonist, bassist, drummer, guitarist, and trumpeter. Zakuszka, also a delicious spread enjoyed in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, is a smooth blend of various ingredients, much like the band’s sound. Their music is unique and eclectic, combining elements of blues, funk, indie, and jazz.

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