Language, type and movement

Sat 21 September
→ Sun 22 September
times vary
Free entry

Join the celebrations as Typtheque type foundry turns 25 and Make Move Think turns 20.

In a retrospective exhibition,Typotheque will document its work in type design, multilingual and multiscript research and development, and its efforts in language preservation and revitalization. Over the years, Typotheque’s work has evolved from small-scale graphic design for the cultural sector to becoming a publishing company that works with content and form and their meanings.

The event coincides with the 20th anniversary of the collaboration between Peter Biľak (founder of Typotheque) and Lukáš Timulak (choreographer) under the umbrella of their foundation, Make Move Think.

  • Saturday

At 20.00 there will be a festive opening followed by a party.

  • Sunday

There will be two 40-minute lectures, one at 15.00 on designing type for the multicultural world, and the second at 17.00 on the expressive possibilities of modern dance.

Practical Information

Entry is free of charge.

On Saturday, door opens at 19.00, the program starts at 20.00.
On Sunday, doors open at 13.00 and the program begins at 14.00.

Typotheque / Make Move Think

Typotheque is a The Hague-based type design company with international roots and impactful work around the world.

The Make Move Think Foundation is an initiative by dancer/choreographer Lukáš Timulak, focusing on multidisciplinary artistic collaborations. It builds on decades of collaboration with Peter Biľak, a designer who contributes regularly to Timulak’s performances. It is a place where the visual and performing arts come together to produce new physical and digital works, including live performances, films, documentaries, installations, workshops, and lectures.

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