Turbine Delft

Sat 6 July

Hosted by Turbine Delft

Boris Bounce invites over 20 artists for a night full of Back2Back energy and excitement. Expect a night full of powerful techno and interesting art exhibitions.

With the stage in the middle of a dark basement, surrounded by a wall of CRT TVs displaying live visuals, two DJs will be working together simultaneously behind the decks. In the usual Turbine style, several (interactive) art installations will be ready to be experienced. These installations are designed to be immersive and engaging, allowing everyone to connect with the art and each other in unique ways.


A complete line-up is to be announced.

Practical Information

The Grey Space opens at 14.00, the birthday bash starts at 14.00 too.

Regular online: €13,50

Tickets are sold through Turbine Delfts own means, for any inquiries please contact them.


Led by a collective passion for the raw beats and hypnotic grooves of 90s techno, our team is a dynamic fusion of creativity and dedication. Rooted in a shared love for the underground scene, we come together with diverse backgrounds and skills to cultivate a space where music is not just heard, but felt.

Turbine aims to break the boundaries and expectations that have developed in the techno scene in recent years. Scouting young and hidden talent and creating an intimate and open-minded community is the driving force behind the movement. Having organized four events in its hometown of Delft and one event in Groningen, the collective is looking forward to expanding its reach to other cities all over the Netherlands.

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