Vol. 2 Trial and Error – B4 we forget

Sat 3 June

Hosted by Lage

Trial and Error returns for a second edition. Nestled within the depths of Lage, the collective unveils a showcase featuring a stellar lineup and live performances.

Under the cloak of night, a cadre of sonic wizards takes center stage fusing Hardcore, emocore, ambient, and reggaeton into an extraordinary sonic tapestry. “Vol.2 Trial and Error – B4 we forget” promises to be night where the power of expression knows no limits. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this event b4 we all forget.

  • 21.00–21.30 orczi mp3
  • 21.30–22.15 VSCO (live)
  • 22.15–23.00 Gigagoon
  • 23.00–23.45 Dj METROWAR
  • 23.45–00.30 Kenshiro Caravaggio Carena
  • 00.30–01.15 Gabanna
  • 01.15–02.00 hevngate
Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 16.30
Trial and Error starts at 21.00

Regular online: €7,00
Door: €8,00