The Dark Corner of My Circles

Fri 12 April

Presented by Natálie Kulina

This night sees the premiere event of the audiovisual performance piece ‘the dark corner of my circles’, made by violinist Natálie Kulina, composer Amarante Nat, visual artist Naida Amorim and sound designer Arieh Chrem.

The performance delves into complex topics as it aims to represent the inner monologue of individuals, exploring cognitive dissonance and interactions with the outside world within the framework of cyclical motions, reminiscent of those found in traumatic events and recovery processes. Gently, questions about boundaries, social/digital voyeurism, and perspective curation are implied, alongside considerations of individual and collective responsibilities towards one another.

An opportunity is created to listen carefully, to feel, to think, but on the other hand, also to consequently let go and appreciate the contrasts we are surrounded by. Everyone is invited to come, have an experience and have a chat.


On this evening, the performance (roughly 35mins), will combine aspects of contemporary electro-acoustic music and theatrical/visual installation, followed by a takeover set by cartopol (note: DJ, Arieh Chrem), transforming it into a full on night-out.

Practical Information

The event starts at 20.00 and finishes at 00.00.

Regular ticket: €12,00
student ticket: €9,00
Door ticket: €13,00

Natálie Kulina

Natálie Kulina is a producer and performer working mainly in the realms of interdisciplinary projects and contemporary classical and electronic music. Under the umbrella of the Rizoom network, which connects major contemporary music venues, ensembles and festivals in the Netherlands with young makers, she has (together with the whole artistic team) developed this project as a part of her ongoing research in impact of accessible and personal contemporary music programming and formatting.

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