Slackin’ System

Sat 22 June
€11,00 - €13,00

Hosted by Slackin’ System

Slackin’ System aims to create a movement celebrating the power of music to unite and inspire. Join them on their journey to shape the future of nightlife in The Hague and beyond.

Focusing on pushing creative boundaries, Slackin’ System aims to be more than just another event series. Emerging from the underground, they deliver the biggest UK bangers and the grooviest 4×4’s, setting the stage for unforgettable nights of electronic bliss and offering an escape from the mundane to boundless musical exploration.

Practical Information

The Grey Space opens at 21.30.

Regular ticket: €11,00
Door ticket: €13,00

Cule & RACE

Cule and RACE, founders of Slackin’ System, are driven by a passion for UK Garage and a vision to transform The Hague’s nightlife. With extensive DJ experience at PIP, Thuishaven, and PAARD, they bring a wealth of expertise. Slackin’ System was born from their desire to create a dynamic community space where music lovers can unite and immerse in the UK Garage scene. By curating unforgettable sets and fostering inclusivity, Cule and RACE aim to redefine nightlife in The Hague, connecting people through the universal language of music and creating lasting memories.

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