Sun 17 March

Presented by P.O.D.D.

Where underground youth and night culture are frequently misunderstood and often judged more simplistically than they should be, P.O.D.D. challenges this rigid view and proves that this culture consists of many beautiful facets.

P.O.D.D. wants to change this by organising a community event where different artists and performers create a challenging exhibition together. Where the community can passionately enjoy a variety of music and other forms of art presented by forward-thinking artists. Some of these include: light, visuals, music, clothing and dance. The aim of the exhibition is to highlight these facets of the underground that contribute to the uniqueness and beauty of this culture and to display them in a unique way.

Everyone is welcome to come and take a deep dive into this gripping scene and broaden their horizon.


The following artists, performers and collectives will contribute to the exhibition:

The basement of the Grey Space will be transformed into an intimate club space where DJs from across the country will take the guests on a journey of diverse sounds, rhythms and dances.

Line up:

Practical Information

The event starts at 14.00, and finishes at 01.00

Regular online: €17,00


P.O.D.D. is a collective made up of young people that strives to create untamed events. By seeking new venues and concepts for events, the collective is keen for change in every production and aims to create contemporary atmospheres to suit each unique event. All holding diverse skills and interests in art, P.O.D.D. collaborates to experiment across various forms, with an open-mind to explore any kinds of art that extend beyond the current repertoire, embracing the endless frontiers of artistic expression.

The collective is focused on its diverse community, which is a big part of the events. As a result, P.O.D.D. is not pro any particular group, but pro people in general. Everyone is seen as equal through everyone’s differences, making tolerance and an open-mind crucial in its community.

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