Speed Drawing with Nice Flaps

Thu 13 June

Hosted by Nice Flaps

Join Nice Flaps for an electrifying evening of speed drawing!

Just like speed dating, participants draw portraits of one another for five minutes before moving on to the next person. You’ll get to know each other while simultaneously contemplating yourself through other people’s drawn perceptions of you.


With speed drawing, an environment is created to casually meet new people and build common ground in a no-pressure, relaxed, and fun setting. No prior drawing experience is required, and everybody is encouraged to connect with new people.

All drawing materials will be provided.

Practical Information

Speed Drawing starts at 18.00, The Grey Space opens at 17.30.

Student price: €6,00
Regular price: €8,00

Nice Flaps

Nice Flaps is an artist initiative formed with the unanimous aim to gather and observe together, to provide time to concentrate, to look, to be, without an outcome in mind other than contemplation itself. They offer non-taught, experimental drawing sessions generally with a model, perhaps two; mostly naked, sometimes in costume; alone in the room, or mingling among props and sets. Collaborating with artists, institutions, and other artist-run spaces, they challenge the parameters of life drawing by asking, what does it mean to draw from life? How can it affect our daily perception of the world? Their program therefore expands beyond traditional life drawing that technically trains artists, instead creating comfortable welcoming spaces where first-timers and regulars alike can take part in an art event and share a collective moment with others. Nice Flaps has been running since 2019, and is organised and curated by The Hague-based artists Annemarie Wadlow (UK) and Alejandra López Martínez (ES).

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