Music Meets…

Sun 16 October

Hosted by the Haagse Popweek.

Popradar, via Haagse Popweek, invites all musicians and music professionals to Music Meets for a day of exchanging knowledge and networking at The Grey Space.

On October 16th, Popradar presents Music Meets, a networking day with something for everybody: speed dates with music professionals, such as artist managers and bookers at well-known labels and venues, an expert panel for whom you can play your demo and receive feedback, and a counter for all questions money and subsidy.

Do not miss your chance to get answers to all your questions, to expand your network, and to bring your act to the attention of the music industry.


13.00–14.00 First Round of Speed dates
14.15–15.45 Drop It Like It’s Hot Demo Panel
16.00–17.00 Second Round of Speed dates
17.00–20.00 Networking drinks + acoustic acts
The Pop counter is open throughout the event. 

Speed Dates

During the Popradar Speed Dates, you have the chance to introduce yourself one-on-one to professionals from different fields of the Dutch music industry and ask them specific questions. Are you curious about which label would suit you, what an A&R would think of your single, and what programmers consider when booking an act? This is the moment to get answers to questions like these and thereby boost your career in the music industry.

Prepare three open questions and it is good to have a demo or track with you. Each interview allows 15 minutes sharp. Check the website for detailed information on who you can date.

Drop It Like It's Hot Demo Panel

Drop It Like It’s Hot returns with a new live edition, with the same rules but in a different setting. Are you recording any demos? Is your song still in production or are you ready for its release? Play it for Popradar’s demo panel, consisting of the crème de la crème of the industry, and they will provide you with tips, tricks, and a lot of enthusiasm. 

POP counter

Need help applying for grants? If so, come by the POP counter and ask away. Ask Rob Kuiphuis of Popradar and Tom van de Vat of the Popunie everything you might want to know about the POP subsidy and ask Liesbeth Simons of Cultuurschakel any other pressing questions.

Practical Information

The Grey Space opens at 12.00.
The event starts at 13.00

If you want to sign up for the Speed Dates or the Drop It Like It’s Hot Demo Panel, check De Haagse Popweek website for how and any details.

De Haagse Popweek

The Haagse Popweek is on from Friday 14 to Saturday 22 October. During these 9 days, The Hague is once again bursting at the seams as local pop music takes center stage with performances, workshops, events, speed dates, and pop awards, all focusing on musicians from The Hague. With a fine selection of almost 200 bands and acts at no less than 34 venues, this year’s Haagse Popweek is bigger than ever!