LeaderLemming: Gary Spacey + Acquoy

Wed 31 August

Hosted by LeaderLemming

LeaderLemming brings us obscene and unseen bands. This edition they bring the psychedelic trio that is Gary Spacey and the The Hague based fuzz rock powertrio Acquoy.

Gary Spacey

Gary Spacey is a psychedelic trio that allows itself to enter a state of trance, taking the audience on a rough yet subtle journey. An alienating melting pot of blues, rock and jazz.


Acquoy is a fuzzrock powertrio based in The Hague. Their debut album was launched in spring 2022, encompassing multiple pop music influences into their noisy guitar-based rock. After not being able to play for two years, Acquoy and friends are looking forward to a night-long celebration of rock’n’roll music.