LeaderLemming: Silverbones + Andy Moor

Wed 29 June

Hosted by LeaderLemming

LeaderLemming brings us obscene and unseen bands. This edition they present the hypnotic sonic dream that is SILVERBONES and avant-garde improvisation by Andy Moor.


SILVERBONES is a shapeshifting, Andean-Futurist multi-sensory sojourn. Using modular synthesizers, noisy guitar riffs, dark vocals, swaying bass lines and unpredictable drums, they diverge from an ordinary music concert into a focused happening. Their deep and personal chemistry weaves free jazz, punk, electronica, folk and performance into a hypnotic sonic dream.

Andy Moor

Andy Moor (of The Ex) has made a name as an original guitarist in the avant-garde of improvisation thanks to his unmistakable sound. His solo performances are often compelling explorations of moody soundscapes.