Leader Lemming

Thu 25 May

Hosted by Leader Lemming

Leader Lemming returns to The Grey Space for an evening of underground music and alternative acts.

Join us in an evening devised to provide a stage for experimental acts: from extremely soft to incredibly loud, from bright to dark, from honey-sweet to painfully edgy. This results in a vibrant evening for music lovers who crave a different sound.

  • 21.00 M.J.H. Thompson Volksorkest
  • 22.00 The Grey Pants
  • 23.00 DJ Time Machine
M.J.H. Thompson Volksorkest

M.J.H. Thompson Volksorkest plays M.J.H. Thompson’s eclectic music, which spans various genres from classical piano to pop, rock, country, and techno. Despite the group’s name (orkest is the Dutch word for orchestra), they only have four members and won’t have a traditional orchestra lineup. M.J.H. Thompson Volksorkest is made up of M.J.H. Thompson (aka Mr. Minimal), Sjoerd Fransman (aka Cors Katwijk), King Kachang (aka Dr. Gazebo), and Mowi (aka Milo).

The Grey Pants

The duo The Grey Pants writes spontaneous songs that reflect on misplaced nostalgia, embarrassing mistaken identities, and minor inconveniences. Henk Koorn (from Hallo Venray) and Elke van Zevenbergen’s mutual pleasure and spontaneity create an infectious performance that offers a glimpse into their lives. They deliberately use a simple sound setup, with just a guitar, rhythm box, and two voices, which adds to their charm and unique style.

DJ Time Machine

It’s all in the name. This record spinner will transport you back to parties you’ve been to, from big venues to intimate spaces. It’ll evoke memories you didn’t even know you had, urging you to dance!

Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 18.00
Leader Lemming starts at 20.30

Regular online: €8
Door: €8