Leader Lemming

Thu 15 June

Hosted by Leader Lemming

Leader Lemming returns to The Grey Space, featuring an underground lineup of alternative acts that resonate throughout our basement.

For this latest edition, they invite noise rock trio Polarized and postnoise rock band Fine China Superbone. Following their performances, DJ Steph wraps the night up with a loud set.

  • 21.00–21.45 Polarized
  • 22.00–22.45 Fine China Superbone
  • 22.45–00.30 DJ Steph
Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 16.30
Leader Lemming starts at 20.30

Regular online: €8,00
Door: €8,00


Noise rock trio Polarized consists of ex-members of Fine China Superbone, Droppings, Organisms, Soft Posh & Black Door Mine: all veterans in the music scene of The Hague. Inspired by bands like Sonic Youth, Unwound, and Metz, Polarized combines melody with abrasive noisy guitars, supported by a thunderous rhythm section.

Fine China Superbone

Fine China Superbone is a noiserock/mathrock outfit from The Netherlands, known for their own brand of abrasive, twisted, postnoise rock. Nerve racking at times, a little evil, they deliver an unforgettable sonic experience that is both thrilling and sinister.

DJ Steph

DJ Steph (Polarized) provides the dessert of this musical feast.