La Maquina

Fri 8 December

Presented by La Maquina

The Grey Space opens its doors for La Maquina to take center stage, promising a vibrant night of eclectic rhythms and drums.

Kicking off the evening is the electronic music duo Boldi and Brito, presenting an atmospheric, low-key tech-house vibe through synth-based looped music.

Up next is La Maquina, a percussion ensemble that thrives on improvisation using sign language, performed with instruments from around the world. The ensemble grooves and dances to spontaneously created music, directed on the spot by the conductor delivering a unique musical experience.

Closing the event is Mafarrico Beats, the mischievous goblin persona here to energize any party with a compelling DJ set ranging from Pop to Techno, Drum & Bass to Goa Trance, and some hidden Easter eggs.

  • 20.30  Boldi & Brito (live)
  • 21.30   La Maquina
  • 00.00 Mafarrico Beats
Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 17.00
the event starts at 20.30

Regular online: €10,00
Door: €15,00

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