Sat 24 February
→ Sun 25 February

Presented by Kinsphere (Matilde Pinto & Alina Lansel)

Kinsphere is a culinary experience by Matilde Pinto & Alina Lansel that celebrates dinner table culture as the stage for sharing, caring, and conversing—from the first bite to the very last and everything that happens in between.

Kinsphere is for friends, friends of friends, acquaintances, and strangers, gathering around one long dinner table to savor an evening of food, community, and conversation. The dining experience is complemented by Portuguese music and German prose shedding light on various aspects of kinship and food culture.


The menu is centered around one wonderfully versatile ingredient: Fresh olive oil from Tuscany known for its complex flavor, taste-enhancing quality and health benefits. This miracle of nature will be presented in every dish whilst incorporating winter season flavors. On both nights, a three-course vegetarian menu will be offered.

Practical Information

There will be a dinner (a three-course vegetarian menu) on both Saturday and Sunday. The Grey Space opens at 19.00, the dinner starts at 19.30.

Price: €25,00


Matilde and Alina are the driving forces behind kinsphere. Lisboa native Matilde lives by the idea that humans truly are social animals. Alina is a Swiss-born food fanatic with a soft spot for Italian cuisine. With Kinsphere, their vision is to revive the ritual of a shared meal in a larger circle and create a space not only to enjoy food but also to converse, laugh, bond over mundane and trivial things, and ponder profound questions. Kinsphere serves as a creative outlet to cultivate their ideal version of kinship: Tafelvriends.

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