Thu 2 May
→ Fri 3 May
Free entry

Hosted by Loden Rietveld

‘Intraconnection’ is an ongoing research project on the on the huge communication networks of fungi, often spanning  sevaral square kilometres.  Rietveld dives into the intricate and complex networks, trying to recreate them himself. 

This communication happens through the exchange of nutrients, hormones, carbon, and through electrical spiking. ‘intraconnection’ is an attempt to get a feeling for these networks, to emulate their experience without disrupting them. The current stage of this research is expressed in an analog (consisting of non-digital electronics) version of a simple digital feed-forward neural network.

Come wander around and talk to the fungal network occupying The Grey Space.

Loden Rietveld

Loden Rietveld is a multifaceted artist, known for his roles as a composer, producer, sound artist, and occasional DJ, showcasing a rich spectrum of creative endeavors. Within the audio-visual collective interbellum, Rietveld explores ambient and experimental electronic realms, often presenting performances featuring own custom-built instruments. Additionally, he delves into microtonal and microrhythmic electronic music with influences from club and bass music under the moniker denote.

Practical Information

Entry is free of charge.

The program starts at 17.00, the doors open at 17.00 too.

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