Hypa w/ DJ Blaize

Fri 13 September

Hosted by Hypa

Dive into the underground club experience, where the majestic UK club and rave scenes come to life with the sounds of the early days, brought to you by Hypa.

With an approach far from nostalgic, prepare yourself for an energetic night filled with dance floor bangers and club belters in genres like Garage, Bass, Hardgroove, Club, Break, Funky, and more. Raw and straight to the point. Only underground and real pirate stuff.

Stay locked, stay Hypa.

Practical Information

The Grey Space opens at 21.30, Hypa starts at 22.00

Regular online: €8,50
Regular door: €10,00


Hypa is a The Hague-based organisation, primarily known for hosting club nights and serving as a platform for emerging talent and enthusiasts. It is highly regarded for its profound and authentic love for underground club music. With its profound and authentic passion for underground club music and a substantial presence in the club scene, Hypa aims to establish connections with like-minded organisations, platforms, artists, and enthusiasts to provide a future perspective.

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