The Feminist Rave

Sat 13 April

Hosted by Project4Equality

Project4Equality is back with their second edition of The Feminist Rave, here to break through the cis-male dominated club scene in The Hague, by serving you a beautiful selection of DJs.

By hosting this event, Project4Equality aims to create a safe space on the dance floor where people feel welcome to express themselves. As the dance floor emerged out of liberation and resistance, it still serves as a place to resist societal norms and oppression through music.


he music will range from downtempo bass, reggaeton, deconstructed club, ghetto house to gabber, techno, and trance, provided by the following lineup:


Project4Equality stands in solidarity with Ravers4Palestine, an initiative calling for club culture to stand in solidarity with Palestine. Not only do they hope to ensure the sexiest of times, but they also urge all future ravers and DJs to take initiative into their own hands and change the system from within. In homage to Ravers for Palestine, they state, “We are laying the groundwork for a future rave scene based on solidarity, resistance, and mutual aid.”

Practical Information

The Grey Space opens at 19.30
The Feminist Rave starts at 20.00

Regular ticket: €7,50
Please note: As Project4Equality is a non-profit, the price of the tickets is to compensate the artists and provide the venue for this event.


Project4Equality is a non-profit student-based feminist group based in The Hague, striving for intersectionality. They acknowledge each different identity, race, sex, class, gender, etc., operates in ways to form unique forms of oppression, so they aim to formulate events based around this. Their events include raves, exhibitions, discussions, film nights, broadcasts, crochet, and many more. Of top priority is the safe space they create for members in their community, to which under any basis do they accept discrimination.

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