Fri 1 March

Presented by: Electrolyte

Electrolyte invites artists whom they believe deserve more recognition. On this night, The Grey Space is submerged in various art forms, including paintings, audiovisual art and music. The event will commence with an art exhibition, transitioning into a club night.


Exhibition: Eav Creations, Jaïr Roosveld, Saba Mofarah, Abel van Essen, Mikal Brejaart, Anne Lopes, Haris Malekos, Camilla Tomasi and 11.11 Collective.

Club: SAMWHO, Jerrau, Litricity, and Elena Chadaeve.

Practical Information

The event starts at 19.00
19.00-22.00 Exhibition
22.00-02.00 Club

Regular ticket: €12,50
Student ticket: €10,50
Door ticket: €12,50


“Electrolyte is a Rotterdam-based organisation dedicated to crafting experiences for, and by creatives. From listening sessions and art exhibitions to vibrant club nights. Electrolyte reflects our belief in the diverse, essential components that power not only the human body but also the cultural vitality of the city. Much like the body requires a mix of electrolytes to function optimally, a thriving cultural ecosystem needs a blend of various art forms. Electrolyte is here to assist artists who have limited access to larger stages and audiences, and provides an opportunity for up-and-coming artists to showcase their work. Recognizing the decline in nightlife culture combined with art, this event aims to address these issues with a vibrant and innovative approach.”

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