[Dis]Comfort Food

Fri 14 October
Sold out

Presented by The Grey Space.

Artist Cemre Kara and sensory food designer Laila Snevele prepares an interactive food performance shaped as a four-course dinner with experimental tableware, as part of the [Dis]Comfort Food series.

For creating [Dis]Comfort Food, which is an outcome of an iii residency project in The Hague, Cemre Kara works with her team consisting of chef Emre Özakat, Laila Snevele and Maja Akdemir. The project focuses on the role of the body in the act of eating: turning dinner into a playful act. As such, [Dis]Comfort Food is to be enjoyed both as a performance and as a dinner, where visitors are invited to experience dining with inconvenient tools.

“’Don’t play with your food!’ is just one of the things your parents might have told you, but we want you to do just that. We want to explore the role of the body in the act of eating; turning your dinner into a playful act. Have you noticed how a slightly bent fork or spoon can distract you from your mindless meal? How disturbing and new it seems at the beginning until you get used to the slight change. We want to recognize the discomfort of learning and find comfort in it. When our movements are free from the table’s limitations, we can observe how the body and mind behave in the act of learning.” – Cemre Kara

Cemre Kara

Turkish Artist Cemre Kara is a graduate of KABK’s ArtScience Interfaculty. She works with a range of media, from projection mapping to performances and audiovisual experiences. Her performances and installations aim to explore social and political contexts. Her current research is about food in a cultural context. She creates performative eating situations and produces ceramic dinnerware.

Laila Snevele

Laila Snevele is a sensory food designer, who explores the perception of food through multi-sensorial research: What role does color, shape, texture, temperature, sound, mouth sensations and aroma play in our understanding of a certain food? And how can we use these elements to change or elevate our sense of taste? Snevele designs recipes for the brain.

Practical information

The Grey Space opens at 17.00
Dis[Comfort] Food starts at 18.30

Ticket price including a four course dinner: €25.
Please note: tickets are sold out.

Please note that visitor participation is essential.

Eigengrau + 3345 x The Grey Space

Make sure to come early and stay late. You can experience the immersive light- and sound installation and performance Eigengrau by Zalán Szakács and Sébastien Robert (free entry) before or after the dinner or dance in the basement for a night curated by local record store 3345 with Lolo Batten and Haron (buy a separate ticket online or at the door).