Fri 10 March
→ Sat 11 March
Times vary

Presented by HipSick, part of Hoogtij

The immersive installation and visually-stimulating performance, DIGITAL DUCTTAPE, created by performance collective HipSick, takes over our ground floor this weekend, ending with an exhilarating club night.

“DIGITAL DUCTTAPE is a labyrinth which celebrates the beauty of the constructable identity. The central idea is that social media can contribute to the propagation of a multitude of identities, to showcase vulnerability and an openness without shame.

While the first two parts of the triptych Some Say Morality Is Negotiable – PUPPIES FOR SALE and #ShapeME – focused on the alienating, manipulative and negative effects of social media, in it’s last part DIGITAL DUCTTAPE, HipSick recognizes and accepts the fluidity of their being. They embrace the world of the internet, social media and artificial self-presentation as self-expression.”

Friday Program

Hipsick invites you to enter the installation, a labyrinth, and explore the space between virtuality and physicality. Accept the fluidity of your being, and embrace artificial self presentation as self expression. Together, we celebrate the beauty of our constructed identities. The installation is made to be wandered in, as a nonsensical space with scattered objects, coloured lights and clouds of smoke and video installations with poetic subtitles.

You can visit the installation on Friday, as part of HOOGTIJ #72, a night where twenty art locations in The Hague open their doors. HOOGTIJ is a contemporary art tour in The Hague, which leads her visitors from white cube to underground; from established art in galleries and institutions to more experimental installations and performances at the artists’ initiatives.

Saturday Program

HipSick translated online spaces and behaviors into dance and performance; which resulted in DIGITAL DUCTTAPE, a bold show that continuously challenges you to question what is real and what is not. Theater, club, lights, text, music and dance merge inside of the installation to create this unique interdisciplinary experience.

Find information on the consecutive club night through the button below.

Practical information

On Friday, DIGITAL DUCTTAPE opens at 19.00

The installation is free to visit

On Saturday, DIGITAL DUCTTAPE opens at 19.00
The performance starts at 20.00
The club night starts at 21.30

Performance + Club: €16
Club only: €9


HipSick operates at the intersection of performance and installation art. Their work often starts from a fascination with Western visual culture, normativity and the night. Contemporary social topics are approached from different perspectives, decontextualized and abstracted, which results in performances that aim to destabilize the viewer’s perception.