Belarus – Exhibition Opening

Sat 7 August
Free Entrance, Registration Necessary

The opening of the exhibition and public program Belarus – Screams of the Silenced, a gesture of solidarity with Belarusian voices of (artistic) resistance protesting against a derailed dictatorship.

  • 18:30 performance Mikhail Gulin
  • 19:30 Film screening “Pure Art” by Maksim Shved
Pure Art, 2019, 52 min.

Municipal workers Zina and Inna carefully paint over the graffiti and slogans on the walls of Minsk, leaving colourful rectangles as a result. The artist Zakhar Kudin is inspired by the bright figures and decides to copy them onto huge canvases. Passers-by, intrigued by Zakhar’s performance, try to interpret his work and express their opinion about art and much else. Watching the birth of an artistic phenomenon, the film shows contemporary Belarus with irony and love.

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