A Three Fold [emphasising action]

Sat 29 May
Pay as you like

A three fold is a bi-monthly program in three parts: a culinary experience, a micro exhibition and a music and performance program. Each segment takes place in a different space of The Grey Space. The audience is guided and moved throughout the course of the event. This edition is slightly different as we’ll be livestreaming the program.


For this edition of A Three Fold, we’re embarking on a virtual journey into the hive mind of the graduating students of the ArtScience Interfaculty, emphasising their preview show Actie!.


Niels de Bakker, Flora van Dullemen, Micky Faas, Þórir Freyr, Cemre Kara, Minji Kim, Kristján Steinn Kristjánsson, Muireann Nic an Bheatha, Anni Nöps, Farah Rahman, Carl Rethmann, Nika Schmitt, Hugo van der Sluijs, Piet Verkleij, Robinou.