OFFprojects – SO FAR

Wed 20 December
→ Sat 23 December
Times vary
Free entry (exhibition) - €5,00–€10,00 (performances)

Presented by OFFprojects

As the year comes to an end, artist collective OFFprojects presents SO FAR. Part retrospective, part experimental space and part social gathering, a four-day event that combines an exhibition with a performance program.

OFFprojects is an artist collective based in The Hague, gathered around the work of choreographer, musician and writer Amos Ben-Tal. The group has its roots in modern dance, but is known for seamlessly merging various disciplines into thought provoking works.

During SO FAR, the collective interacts with the work of two like minded artists. First is Gosse de Kort, who explores the relation between people, technology and space, through a cross-disciplinary approach. Leo Scarin researches social, political, and increasingly environmental impacts of digital culture, by means of interactive and immersive installations.

The evening programs will consist of performances, research demonstrations and live music, with a different theme each day. The ongoing exhibition includes a collection of OFFprojects’ photo, video and installation work.

Please note: entry to the exhibition is free, but entry to the performances requires a ticket.

An Opening
  • Wednesday December 20th – 20.00–22.00

Join OFFprojects for the opening of their first ever exhibition. Video pieces and photography are presented in the dynamic architecture of Gosse de Kort’s kinetic installations. OFFprojects’ latest video work ‘Dog Cloud’ is premiered, as well as a new one-on-one performance featuring dancer Xanthe van Opstal.

The Body As Interface
  • Thursday December 21st – 20.30–21.30

OFFprojects hosts a lecture-performance by Leo Scarin, a creative technologist who uses surveillance technology to research how choreographic knowledge might inform an algorithmic process (and vice versa). This night also hosts ‘Monotone’ by Gosse de Kort, a live theremin composition that challenges the relationship between physical movement, non virtuosity and endurance.

Organised Chaos
  • Friday December 22nd 20.30–21.30

This evening OFFprojects will present a ‘highly structured improvisation’. It promises to be an intricate, intimate and enjoyable exploration of movement, sound and live communication. Prior to the performance the group will share the fundamentals of their improvisation method, offering the audience handles on how to approach the experience. Explore the line between intuition and composition, freedom and responsibility.

Songs and Silences
  • Saturday December 23th 20.30–21.30

As closure of the event, OFFprojects will perform excerpts of their recent piece ‘Songs And Silences’; a series of dance solos, poems and songs. This already intimate work will be stripped down to its bare essentials, performed in the raw, non-theatrical setting of The Grey Space.

Practical information

The exhibition is ongoing throughout the four days, starting at 17.00 until 20.00. Performances from Wednesday to Saturday take place between 20.00–22.00.

Please note: entry to the exhibition is free, but entry to the performances requires a ticket.

Single day ticket: €5
Passepartout: €10

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