Here, find our policy and our advice regarding the ticket sales of your event.

Online & Door tickets
We utilise the software Stager for the sale of our tickets, which comes with a €1 service fee. This means that all tickets that are sold online are subject to a €1 subtraction from Stager. Therefore, we advise you to add €1 to the price you have in mind for the online tickets. So, if you want online tickets to be €10, set them as €11 –  – and you will earn the €10 from it.
Tickets that are sold at the ticket counter in our space (so: the Door Sale) do not have this €1 fee, and you can thus provide the price you want them to be without adding the €1.

Normally, the door sale tickets are slightly more expensive than the online tickets, with the difference often ranging between €2–€4. This incentivises people to buy a ticket online, and also gives us more insight into the amount of people coming to the event.

Our advice
In the form, we ask you to provide your preferred regular online ticket price and preferred regular door sale price. We advise a price around … for club events and … for exhibitions and … for other events.

We also recommend offering a discounted ticket. This could be a student ticket, or an early bird ticket, for example, or both! From experience we can tell you that discounted tickets are helpful in the sale. Discounted tickets often range to being €1–€3 less than the regular price.

We do not accept cash for the Door Sale.

‘Pay what you can’ is not possible through Stager. However, we can deploy discounted tickets that are only accessible with a code.

Free tickets & Guest list
Regarding free tickets, you can have a maximum of ten guests. You can also have a maximum of 10 crew tickets. We do not work with a guest list, but we offer the free tickets to those in your party through a  special code. All numbers above this maximum will subtract from the maximum capacity of guests allowed.
Amount of guests
The amount of people coming also has to be in accordance with the arrangements made with the production team. We are able to sell a maximum of 200 tickets online, the rest are sold at the door. You can also choose to have a smaller amount of online tickets available. Again, you need to have discussed this with the production team.