Veenfabriek in the Attic (Zoldersessies) is an intimate music theatre session that was created in the corona period and contains beautiful texts, upbeat songs, modern dance and an awesome installation of old radio’s. It is a corona-proof program about longing to belong, to be in touch with others. You will hear songs that together are an associative ode to all we have always found natural and obvious. The current times made us realise just how important some things are. Meeting each other, touching each other, eating together, dancing, loving…

Concept, texts, music: Milena Haverkamp, John van Oostrum, Joeri Vos, Bastiaan Woltjer, Roland Haufe, Ruta van Hoof
With: Jacobien Elffers, Milena Haverkamp, Roland Haufe, Ruta van Hoof, John van Oostrum, Bastiaan Woltjer and Niki Verkaar
, Rosa Allessie and Éryn Nieuwint (DansBlok)

Practical notes:
– Read more on the COVID-19 measures of The Grey Space here.
– Buy your ticket in the ticketshop.
– Thursday Dinner Sessions: combi-tickets sold out. Dinner between 18-21h.
– Note for non-Dutch speakers: Dutch and English texts are used in the performance. The performance should be interesting enough for English-speakers, although a basic understanding of Dutch would definitely improve your experience.