Can we look beyond the bubbles, the multitude conflicting realities surrounding us, into possible futures in which people and technology increasingly cooperate? The artists in the TodaysArt 2018 exhibition present ways wherein people and technological parallel realities are feeding off each other, both in good and bad ways.

Participating artists: Anja Groten + Maartje Smits + Jasper van Loenen) – Face the InterFace | Arvid and Marie – The Last Job on Earth | David Neevel – @burnedyourtweet, Telephone Operator | Emmeline de Mooij – Attempting a Nap | Isabel Mager – 5000times / Input = Output | Kunrad [Koenraad de Groot] – Technology Imitates Nature I: rainfall | Milda Vysniauskaite – Mimosa | Pudica Miloš Trakilović – XYZ | Rachel MacLean – It’s What’s Inside That Counts | Riley Harmon – The Firewall Grove | Salim Bayri – Smartshop Kaaskoes | Yoshinari Nishiki – Overture: Carrying Power | ArtEZ assignment by Daan van Dijk with students: Deborah Mora, Michelle Feelders, Sebi Clotas Jucgla, Elise Bodt, Ties van Asseldonk, Jolie Wijngaarden, Yamil Oulad El Hadj

Bubble Visions is presented on the ground floor of the building.