Blind Tape Quartets is a participative and chance dedicated limited tape release project. Record your 10 minutes and be a part of a surprising quartet!

A suggested guide to Blind Tape Quartets recordings:
– A 4-track tape recorder will be ready for you and 10 minutes of your performance.
– There will be a microphone and a line input option.
– Bring your own instrument (if you don’t have one, bring whatever you can).
– You will be unaware of the people who played before, or will be playing after you.
– Imagine that you are playing in a quartet, but you can’t hear others while recording your part. Think about your dynamics as a part of a quartet.
– Silence can be a special friend this time. Not everyone should be playing/talking/singing all the time (but the risk is up to you)
– If you are an electronic musician, try limit your output to a certain instrument, not the final mix (maybe you will not be the only one electronic musician in a quartet).
– If you are a writer, a singer, or a voice artist – prepare the text which can fit in 10 minutes.

Fascinating project… a 4-track variation on the Surrealist ‘exquisite corpse’” – The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music

Contact Blind Tapes (blindtapes [at] to reserve a spot or drop by!

on Sunday July 7 there will be a live duo performance by Germaine Sijstermans and Lukatoyboy in the evening between 19:00h and 21:00h.

On the final day, Tuesday July 9 at 21:00h, all the recorded cassettes will be presented and offered as a very limited edition.