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29 Dec 2018

Backlash | The Brommers 👏

[backlash… real rebel… so fast] On December 29th at five The Brommers will celebrate a vinyl release, with never published demo’s, live recordings and studio recordings during 1979-1981.The Brommers
Facebook Event

15 Dec 2018 – 16 Dec 2018

Aan Tafel! 🍴

[Dutch only, sorry!]

Aan Tafel! is een multimediale theatrale belevenis waar eten en herinneringen centraal staan. “Hoe smaakt jouw thuis?” Theatermaker Annemarie de Bruijn trok met die vraag Amsterdam in en trof een rijke keuken. Samen met filmmaker Jasper Masthoff en decorontwerper Reier Pos maakte zij een multimediaal diner over eten en de grappige, mooie, ontroerende of belangrijke herinneringen die daaraan vastzitten. Aan Tafel! is een theatrale belevenis met kleine hapjes. Het is geen volledig diner.

07 Dec 2018 – 09 Dec 2018

🎱🖤🖥 Algorithmic Anxiety | Design & Research Bootcamp | NXS

[exploring? designing? making?] Through exploring three levels of algorithmic power over humans – assist, control and replace – this bootcamp will map out the relation between algorithmic authorities and human anxiety.   The bootcamp’s collective “research through making” approach mixes theoretical input, visual and textual assignments with performative elements. Lectures by Dr. Nishant Shah and other special guests (TBA) will introduce the participants to the concept of artificial authorities and how they relate to the “self’ within the context of this workshop. Selected parts of the bootcamp results will be included in the upcoming printed issue NXS #4 Algorithmic Anxiety, to be released in February 2019.

Please note: this bootcamp is meant for participants only and won’t be open to the public.

05 Dec 2018

🧀 Di Verso | Klaasfondue 🧀

[growling stomachs]  Menu:

1 | zucchini brocolli soup
2 | cheese fondue with bread, fresh vegetables, fried mushrooms, roasted cauliflower
3 | kruidnoten cake with white chocolate

04 Dec 2018

Utopian Cultural Heritage 🍈👁💦 | KABK Graphic Design

[seeing water worlds and gender-free nirvana’s] For this exhibition, the 2nd year graphic design students of the KABK had to create their own utopia and make cultural artefacts that would represent these new societies. From water worlds to gender-free nirvana’s, the students have created 10 ’what if?’ scenarios, let yourself emerge into these new worlds.

30 Nov 2018

Hoogtij 🔣 | WYSIWYG #13 | Peek-A-Boo | Durk Reitsma, Fenna de Jonge

[gazing at void] During Hoogtij #55 WYSIWYG puts ‘Peek-A-Boo’ on display, a program that offers every passerby a glimpse into their playful events. Actor and theatre-maker Durk Reitsma and set designer Fenna de Jonge construct an intervention that, through its expression, shifts the way you experience the short films for this evening’s sneak peek edition. Drop by anytime during the evening at The Grey Space, and take a look from the outside of the building to experience the cinematic void WYSIWYG created on the inside.

30 Nov 2018

Hoogtij 🔣 | P.S. 🔣 | Time

[gazing at time] P.S. organises “Time!”, an experience of the moment which offers a temporary respite, at the hectic pace of modern life and reflects on how we deal with time. For this #Hoogtij evening at The Grey Space, P.S. presents a program which continuously features performance art throughout the ground floor.

⇨ Participating artists: Larysa Bauge | Cristian Bujold l Vivian Chinasa Ezugha | Kuba Falkowski | Roos Hoffmann | Meri Hietala | Jolanda Jansen | Graham Martin | Ieva Savickaite | Somer Meijer | Yvette Teeuwen | Topp & Dubio

28 Nov 2018

Di Verso | Japanese Stamppot | Hete Bliksem Aan Huis 🗻🇯🇵

[growling stomachs] ⇨ Menu:
1 | Sake with Edamame
2 | Japanese stamppot with chuka wakame, daikon, shi-take and a sesame-dressing.
With a homemade Sake sausage or vegetarian chicken teriyaki.
3 | Black sesame ice-cream

25 Nov 2018

Vessel 4.0 | The Ex, The Howl Ensemble 💜❤️

[unpolished vibes] Vessel is a series of special concerts from national and international underground artists for a select audience at undiscovered locations in the city, organised by Paard. For this edition Vessel invited The Ex and The Howl Ensemble for raw, pure and unpolished performances.

24 Nov 2018

Antilounge 22 | 🛰🧠🛰 Drones & Beats

[hearing various things] For the release party of Antilounge 22, Drones & Beats, Antilounge created a program consisting of 18 (!) experimental live acts in the basement of The Grey Space.

⇨ Drones: The Monoranger | Trapper | Mouches Volantes | Crystal Archives | YobKiss | Paul Klaui | The Sunshine Lounge, Rob Kanters X ISH Orchestra

⇨ Beats: De Methode | Generate | Duistere Bardo | Foresense | Olaf Wempe | Rowine | Medium Rar | Zoe Reddy | Marric | Gallus + vj Studio Baseground

22 Nov 2018

🥧Di Verso | Thanksgiving Dinner | Dan Nicholas🥧

[growling stomachs] ⇨ Menu:
1 | Roasted butternut squash soup
2 | Roasted turkey w/ homemade stuffing & gravy
mashed potatoes, sauteed green Beans with shallots & toasted almonds, bourbon glazed carrots, cranberry sauce
3 | Apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie

17 Nov 2018

Popronde Den Haag 💚🍄💚 | Smudged Toads, Elsa Lester, Carina Nebula

[preparing for a sonic high] The Grey Space collaborates with The Daily Indie to present three upcoming bands in the basement during Popronde Den Haag 2018.

⇨ Bands performing:
20:00 Elsa Lester | 21:30 Carina Nebula | 23:15 Smudged Toads

⇨ Check Popronde Den Haag for other venues and performances

31 Oct 2018

👻 Di Verso | Halloween Dinner

[growling stomachs] The ladies of HaagseHapjes will create an inspiring menu during this Di Verso’s halloween edition.

⇨ Menu:
1 | Boddy Mary & Witch Vingers
2 | Spicy (Cheese) Fondue in Pumpkin, Freaky Veggies, Bone Bread
3 | Dig your own Chocolate grave!

⇨ RSVP by attending the event

26 Oct 2018 – 28 Oct 2018

Modern Body Festival | Alien Bodies 👂👣👤

[exploring the alien, the unknown, the ‘other’] This year’s Modern Body Festival exhibition features out-of-body, one-on-one artworks, new speculative architecture in preparation for a zombie apocalypse, sonic bio-art, stunning short films exploring the isolation and loneliness of globalisation, and more.

⇨ Featured works:
The Constitute – EYESect | Weihaw Wang – The Cosmos Urchin | Maria Molina Peiro – One Year Life Strata | Alina Ozerova – Take Me, Bring Me | Natalia Papaeva – Yokhor | ^ Studio – Common Task | Alcaeus Spyrou – Anina | Sabina Ahn – Sonomatter | Erdem Tasdelem – Wild Child

⇨ Friday: 17:00-22:00 (exhibition), 19:00 (opening) | Saturday: 12:00-22:00 (exhibition), 22:00-02:00 (party) | Sunday: 12:00-20:00 (exhibition)

21 Oct 2018

🔸Haagse Popweek | Drop it like it’s Hot🔹

[needs answers, takes notes] The Haagse Popweek (organised by Popradar) will host a night for (starting) music artists. Artists can pitch songs (bring your usb) and ask questions to a professional panel. The panel includes people from various backgrounds, who can answer questions.

⇨ Panel:
Marieke Mckenna (
Mink Records) | Lotte Sterk (MassiveMusic A&R) | David Koster (Top Notch A&R) | Henca Maduro (New Skool Rules) | Githa Biekman (AT Bookings)

⇨ 13:30 (welcome + sign-up) | 14:30-16:30 (panel) | 16:30-18:30 (drinks and showcases)

17 Oct 2018

Di Verso Cook-Off | Airisa Kalnina vs. Dan Nicholas 😰🍴

[growling stomachs] Dan Nicholas specialises in homestyle cooking from various cuisines around the globe, featuring fresh vegetables, fresh herbs and big flavors [x] Airisa Kalnina specialises in seafood and Asian accents.

⇨ Menu:
1 | Spicy tuna roll with crispy shrimp and teriyaki sauce [x] Fish Soup with potato, corn, tomato, bacon & saffron
2 | Cold Sesame noodles with korean style marinated grilled chicken, cucumber, bean sprouts, chopped peanuts & nori [x] Thai green curry with seasonal veggies served with flank steak.
3 | Red velvet cake with a matcha green tea frosting [x] Warm Apple Crisp with vanilla ice cream
⇨ Guests will be given a score card, and will rate each dish on a scale of 1 to 5 stars.

22 Sep 2018

TodaysArt Festival | Modular Synthesizer Ensemble – Workshop | Gammon

The Modular Synthesizer Ensemble puts its focus on a collective musical experience. Led by Gammon, this hands-on participatory workshop teaches basic knowledge about electronic sound production and composition. The workshop enables an intuitive approach to the analogue Modular Synthesizer and makes electronic music tangible and comprehensible. Because of its unique musical and social acoustic experience, the Modular Synthesizer Ensemble enables a similar challenge to experienced musicians, modular enthusiasts or people with no previous knowledge.

Please note: the workshop takes place in the basement. Space is limited, to reserve your spot please register by sending an email to workshop@todaysart.nl.

22 Sep 2018

TodaysArt Festival | Artist Talk | Rhizomatiks (Daito Manabe, Motoi Ishibashi)

Rhizomatiks is a creative studio specialised in large scale commercial and artistic projects using both art and technology. Inspired by the structural pluralism embodied by the rhizome, Rhizomatiks was established as a nonhierarchical, liberal, decentralized collective. Rhizomatiks is the fertile soil, a meeting ground where specialists connect to tackle challenges and plant the seeds for a verdant future of novel experiences and innovative modes of expression. In this artist talk, Daito Manabe and Motoi Ishibashi of Rhizomatiks Research will discuss the ‘phosphere’ performance they are premiering at TodaysArt.

The artist talk is presented in the RNDR space, on the 1st floor of the building.

22 Sep 2018

TodaysArt Festival | Isabel Mager | The Design of Human Management

Why should it matter how the most visible devices are made? How is an interviewing software constructed, that claims to cut out the human bias common to face-to-face job interviews? In this talk, social designer Isabel Mager will take the visitors through her work in the TodaysArt exhibition, delving into her own artistic practice and research. Both of her research projects, ‘input = output’ and ‘5000times’, engage with the back-end and hidden structures of technology.

The talk is presented on the ground floor/ RNDR space, on the 1st floor of the building.

22 Sep 2018

TodaysArt Festival | Panel | Interactive Media Art and Open Source Technologies

In collaboration with platform Digilogue Istanbul and RNDR studio, this panel brings together media artists working with live coding, performance, and open source tools, to present and speak about their interactive work.
If we understand interactivity as a type of gesture, then what role do open source tools and platforms play in the creation of interactive work? This panel will open up discussions on the potential liberation and limitation inherent in using open source tools. What are the mental, bodily, and societal gestures that emerge in these interactions?

The panel is presented in the RNDR space, on the 1st floor of the building.

Ersin Han Ersin (Marshmallow Laser Feast) | Carolien Teunisse (artist) | Kyle McDonald (artist) | Push 1 stop (artist) | Edwin Jakobs (RNDR) | Lalin Akalan (artist, curator)

22 Sep 2018

TodaysArt Festival | Yoshinari Nishiki | Overture: Carrying Power

The Grey Space collaborates with TodaysArt to organise a public space intervention by The Grey Space resident Yoshinari Nishiki.

Its been roughly five years since so-called “new delivery” services emerged on the street, starting the British firm Deliveroo. Although their services are now deeply embedded in our culture, still nobody has approached them as a serious logistical system. Would it be possible to transport something rougher and heavier with these services, such as raw materials? And can we reimagine them to be a modular zero-emission transportation vehicle?

Many Deliveroo drivers will take part in this experiment and intervention by Japanese artist Yoshinari Nishiki (aka Inari Wishiki), who is currently doing a residency at The Grey Space. This is in the context of a bigger project, in which he is developing a novel concept for autonomous and zero-emission deep sea shipping. As part of the intervention, the drivers will attempt to move a mountain of 500kg of potatoes together. The distribution and assembly process will be accompanied by a sound piece by electronic composer Kepla (aka Jon Davies).

Yoshinari Nishiki is an artist based in Rotterdam. His work explores the entanglement of economics and ecology. Nishiki is currently doing a residency at The Grey Space in the Middle. The residency is supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL and the Central Innovation District The Hague.

22 Sep 2018

TodaysArt Festival | Artist Talk | Hyper_Hologram | c/a

c / a (pronounced as cslasha) is an anonymous post-genre music duo that experiments with audio, visuals and mixed reality — pioneering magical digitalism, various surgical procedures and sentiments. In this artist talk, c / a will discuss their work and their current audiovisual performance HYPER_HOLOGRAM.

This artist talk is presented in the RNDR space, on the 1st floor of the building.

21 Sep 2018

TodaysArt Festival | Panel | Inventing the Future of Shipping: Fully Autonomous Modular Container Transport

The Grey Space collaborates with TodaysArt to present a panel discussion focused on the The Grey Space resident Yoshinari Nishiki.
In the wake of environmental crises, nothing is certain anymore, except for the development of mobile technology and cheap sensors. Physical Internet (PI) is a strange technical term describing a novel logistics system, streamlining the flow of materials by imitating the way data is seamlessly transferred over the Internet. Although PI is a scientific concept, it is based purely on an abstract image, allowing a gap for artistic intervention. Single Container Transport is a future logistics concept by artist Yoshinari Nishiki that dissects a highly representative underlying infrastructure of modern civilisation, container shipping, which effectively moves 90% of all the manufactured goods across the globe. Single Container Transport is the idea of moving standard shipping containers one by one, instead of stacking them high up to more than 20.000 TEU (20ft containers) per vessel. These autonomous deep sea vessels are independent of traditional fuels, and only harnessing the wind and ocean currents, however fully utilising ever more accurate geolocation technology and cheap sensors.

 Lóránt TavasszyAli HaseltalabBorre Rosema | Yoshinari Nishiki | Inte Gloerich | Marijke Cobbenhagen (The Grey Space in the Middle)
The panel is presented in Bleyenberg.

21 Sep 2018 – 23 Sep 2018

TodaysArt Festival | Exhibition | Bubble Visions

Can we look beyond the bubbles, the multitude conflicting realities surrounding us, into possible futures in which people and technology increasingly cooperate? The artists in the TodaysArt 2018 exhibition present ways wherein people and technological parallel realities are feeding off each other, both in good and bad ways.

Participating artists: Anja Groten + Maartje Smits + Jasper van Loenen) – Face the InterFace | Arvid and Marie – The Last Job on Earth | David Neevel – @burnedyourtweet, Telephone Operator | Emmeline de Mooij – Attempting a Nap | Isabel Mager – 5000times / Input = Output | Kunrad [Koenraad de Groot] – Technology Imitates Nature I: rainfall | Milda Vysniauskaite – Mimosa | Pudica Miloš Trakilović – XYZ | Rachel MacLean – It’s What’s Inside That Counts | Riley Harmon – The Firewall Grove | Salim Bayri – Smartshop Kaaskoes | Yoshinari Nishiki – Overture: Carrying Power | ArtEZ assignment by Daan van Dijk with students: Deborah Mora, Michelle Feelders, Sebi Clotas Jucgla, Elise Bodt, Ties van Asseldonk, Jolie Wijngaarden, Yamil Oulad El Hadj

Bubble Visions is presented on the ground floor of the building.

21 Sep 2018 – 23 Sep 2018

TodaysArt Festival | Light Leaks | Kyle McDonald + Jonas Jongejan

One dark room, three projectors, fifty disco balls and a healthy dose of well-planned lighting sequences are what teleports the audience to a magical world in ‘Light Leaks’, a work by Kyle McDonald and Jonas Jongejan. For this work, the designers have used hundreds of structured light scans to capture the position of each projected pixel, and then modeled their reflection in the mirror balls using SketchUp.

Light Leaks is presented in the RNDR space, on the 1st floor of the building.

21 Sep 2018 – 23 Sep 2018

TodaysArt Festival | cellF | Guy Ben-Ary

What does it mean to be alive? TodaysArt presents the Dutch premiere of Ben-Ary’s work ‘cellF’: the world’s first neural analogue synthesizer and a rock star alter-ego in a petri dish. ‘cellF’ represents a radical new way to think about what a musical instrument is and how music can be made. The work contextualizes new biotechnological advancements and places them within a framework of analogue art.

Fri 21 Sept – 17:00-20:00 | Saturday 22 Sept: 11:00-00:00 | Sunday 23 Sept: 12:00-18:00 – cellF Exhibition
Fri 21 Sept – 17.30-18.00 – cellF Performance Jaap Blonk
Fri 21 Sept – 18.00-18.30 – cellF Performance Han Bennink
Sat 22 Sept – 12:00-13:15 – Neural Synthesis – Panel curated together with Lucas Evers from the Waag, centred around cellF – Participants: Lucas Evers (Waag), Flora Lysen (researcher, University of Amsterdam), Nora Vaage (ethicist, Maastricht University), Guy Ben-Ary (artist and researcher)
Sat 22 Sept – 16:00-16:45 – Artist Talk with with Guy Ben-Ary and Nathan Thompson

CellF is presented on the basement of the building.

21 Sep 2018 – 22 Sep 2018

TodaysArt Festival | Azimuth

Azimuth and TodaysArt present a electroacoustic performance on Friday and Saturday.
Program Friday:
Bjarni Gunnarsson 21:30-22:00  | Milos Cathals 22:30-23:00 | Ji Youn Kang 23:30-00:00 | Jim Zweerts & Mark Ridder 00:15-01:00 | Sjoerd Brill (Juxtapoison) 01:00-03:00
Program Saturday:
Sohrab Motabar 21:30-22:00 | Dario Giustarini 22:30-23:00 | Barbara Ellison 23:30-00:00 | Yota Morimoto 00:15-1:00 | Fani Konstantinidou 01:15-02:15

Azimuth is presented on the basement of the building.

21 Sep 2018 – 23 Sep 2018

TodaysArt Festival | 🔵🔵🔵

[getting lost in the inter-disciplinary realm] TodaysArt is an international platform for trans-disciplinary creativity and digital culture. It operates as a network organization.
This edition, The Grey Space will be one of TodayArt’s biggest venues. Visit our website for the updated full program, including performances, exhibited work, panels + talks and work in residency by Yoshinari Nishiki.

⇨ Scroll down for full program

19 Sep 2018

Di Verso’s | 3 course diner by Haagse Hapjes 🍢🍧🌽

[growling stomachs] Menu:
1 | grilled watermelon and feta
2 | barbecued sardines, burgers, spicy sausages and rainbow vegetables (vegetarian)
–– served with couscous, a tomato salad, bread, salsa verde and aioli.
4 | grilled pineapple and coconut ice cream

 Please email to diversodinners@gmail.com or attend the event on Facebook

12 Sep 2018

Di Verso’s | 3 course diner by Kaas en Worst 🍽🧀🌭

[growling stomachs] Menu:
1 | homemade pork pate OR veggie terrine with cornichons, caramelized red onion on toast.
2 | moules frites OR oven roasted camembert with a fresh salad and French bread
3 | Dame Blanche

 Please email to diversodinners@gmail.com or attend the event on Facebook

07 Sep 2018

🖤Off Center 001 Release🖤

[Rap snippets caught in loops]
«Word on the Street» marks the first publication on Off Center, a label started by Luca van Grinsven in August 2018. This 8-track mini album is a collection of pieces produced by Den Haag based artist Val Clipp. 

Sets: VAL CLIPP (CH, Live & DJ) | A.V (NL, DJ) | SVARTVIT (NL, DJ)

Casette + download — €10

03 Sep 2018

Art_Research_Convergence 💭 | Staging Perception

[perceiving space] ARC (art_research_convergence) is an outreach initiative of Leiden University for the active communication of artistic research. In this session four presentations will reflect on how works of art devise a stage for our perception to be examined.

⇨ Artists: Alexandra Arshanskaya – Reflection on Expanding Spaces | Tiwanee van der Horst – Inside a Painting | Katrina Glowicka – Aesthetics of the underrepresented | Budhaditya Chattopadhyay – Expanded Object | Curator: Gabriel Paiuk | Respondent: Miguel’angel Clerc

01 Sep 2018

❇️ L⚠️SER CLUB #4 ❇️ | Kode9, Crystallmess, Whitespace, Torus, Lawrence Lek

[dancing on strobes] LASER CLUB returns to The Grey Space for the official afterparty for the opening of Lawrence Lek’s Nøtel exhibition at Stroom.

Room I
Kode9 | Crystallmess | Whitespace (Anni Nöps + Casimir) | Torus

Room II
Lawrence Lek – Pyramid Schemes

01 Aug 2018 – 01 Sep 2018

Archive for upcoming sketches 🔹➰♦️🌫 | Tjobo Kho

[staring at a box…] ‘Archive for upcoming sketches’ is a collection of individual works by Tjobo Kho, re-assembled into something new. Normally the works would be in storage incubating for the upcoming. Now on show, it’s transforming the poster box into a storage box. To be seen at the entrance of The Grey Space.

30 Jun 2018 – 01 Jul 2018

WYSIWYG #11 💫 Pagan Pictures


Two years of WYSIWYG with two films during two evenings. Two films that create their own space, where the protagonists are attracted to unknown forces, that we’re going to unveil and further explore.
30.06 | PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK by Peter Weir (1975)
01.07 | THE SEVENTH SEAL by Ingmar Bergman (1957)
29 Jun 2018


[raving] 😈🖤😈 Luvst and Leader Lemming invited Construct Sound for a Drum&Bass night at The Grey Space. Music by The Gentleman Squatter, TRVLR and Metronoom. Visuals by Aniusia.

23 Jun 2018

Cinetoko Fest 2018 💥💥💥


The first Cinetoko Fest 2018 is packed with presentations and talks by international creatives in the world of film and animation. There are lectures and screenings, live animation and an exhibition. The programme can be found on the Cinetoko website.

22 Jun 2018

Cinetoko Fest 2018 | Expo opening 💚❤️💙


Artists: Floris Kaayk (NL) | From Form (NL) | Johan Rijpma (NL) | Jordy van den Nieuwendijk (NL) | Rogier van der Zwaag (NL) | Vera van Wolferen (NL)
16 Jun 2018

🖥🙌 Border Sessions | DataCommons | Building a Commons for Data Lab 🖥🙌

DataCommons is the association of citizens that wants to recapture the right to self-determination over their own data. During this lab they will build an actual common for a civil data set: the way we use our bikes in cities. They will be experimenting with data from sources like the City of The Hague and Deliveroo. This lab is a collaboration between DataCommons and Waag Society, with introductions by Socrates Schouten and Bas Leerintveld.

15 Jun 2018 – 16 Jun 2018

🖥🙌 Border Sessions | Hack The Planet 🖥🙌

[in tech realm]

Are you ready to hack the planet with your unique skills? Let’s join forces to take on some real global challenges! In collaboration with Border Sessions, Hack The Planet organizes a hackathon where you get the chance to work together with initiatives and organizations who are working to improve our world. Do you feel the drive to make positive impact?
 Sign up

15 Jun 2018

🖥🙌 Border Sessions | The Hague Hacks | Design for Activism 🖥🙌

The Hague Hacks aims to bring together the often separate worlds of peace, justice and technology to create opportunities and build partnerships. Activism is essential to society, by documenting, monitoring and addressing violations and campaigning for change and political accountability, activists are crucial in the protection of the rights of all. This lab will focus on activism in the context of ‘Protecting indigenous people and their forests in Brazil’ and ‘Democracy in Hong Kong’. Can innovative tech provide solutions?

15 Jun 2018

🖥🙌 Border Sessions | Drones Need People Too Lab 🖥🙌

We imagine a world with an extra layer of continuous gently buzzing air flight. A fine maze of seamless robotic delivery services. Delivery within reach of our homes and offices. But we still have a couple of blind spots in this vision. Especially on the consumer side. What does the interface of drone – human interaction look like when you’re not the operator, but a hungry student with an appetite for a vegetarian pizza? This lab is part of research by The Future Mobility Network and Wunderpeople to prototype the inner city delivery service by drones, with a specific focus on the handover to the so-called end user. Join us if you’re looking for the latest insights into drone delivery and are looking forward to a very practical day of ideation and prototyping.

15 Jun 2018

🖥🙌 Border Sessions | Ocean Floor Engineering Lab 🖥🙌

We would like to challenge people from all different fields and backgrounds to join our Ocean Floor Engineering lab and find innovative and groundbreaking solutions for the deterioration of ocean systems worldwide. During the lab we challenge you to submerge yourself in one of our three real-life case studies: 1) 3D printing for coral reef protection, 2) Designing a mobile coral lab, and 3) Commercialising oyster beds in the North Sea. In the meantime, speakers, including Enrico Dini (D-Shape), Michaël Laterveer (Blue Linked), Guyon Brenna (Reef Life Restoration) and Melody Saunders Brenna (Reef Life Restoration), will demonstrate novel innovative ways to use engineering for the restoration of our oceans.

13 Jun 2018

🖥🙌 Border Sessions | Autonomous Agents for Regenerative Ecologies Lab 🖥🙌

This lab brings together field-workers and field-thinkers from the environmental ‘avant-garde’ who work at the level of community, tech and data to design and develop actual applications of autonomous agents in regenerative ecological practice. On June 13th, you can discover and build a unique perspective on tech-enabled autonomous ecologies. The lab is hosted by Klaas Kuitenbrouwer and Sjef van Gaalen.

08 Jun 2018 – 10 Jun 2018

Holaa! festival 💖👁💖


The Holaa! Festival is an intimate, small-scale art festival which allows you to explore contemporary art in The Hague. Explore the locations by yourself or join a tour with one of our special guides, on foot or by bike. Many art locations will be open with extra activities during the event.

⇨ The programme starts at The Grey Space on Friday at 18:00,
guided tours leave from The Grey Space at 19:00.
⇨ From 19:00 – 23:00 over 25 art spaces are open (Hoogtij#53).
⇨ Check the website for further information and guided tours
(reserve a spot before June 8th 12:00 via mailing@hoogtij.net).

08 Jun 2018 – 10 Jun 2018

🔙 🔛Opening Credits | KABK ArtScience

[wants to feel the weight of sand]

Third year students from the ArtScience Interfaculty are excited to share their projects from the past year with the public.
You will experience the analogue with the digital, the playful with the composed and the familiar with the ambivalent.
Works presented by Kay Churcher | Loes Roskam | Nina Lezaic | Jesús Canuto Iglesias | Mabel Calvert Verbruggen | Sunna Svavarsdóttir | Anastasia Loginova | Lily Hudson | Catherine Ostraya | Sophia Bulgakova | Aisha Pagnes | Stefano Zucchini | Senida Kalender

02 Jun 2018

⚡️🌹🌨🍇Utopia Ball x Fashion Show 🍇🌨🌹⚡️

[dares to dream]

The Utopia Ball is The Hague’s first-ever ball and fashion show. The Utopia Ball is created by Typhoon Prodigy and Yamuna Garçon (aka Yamuna Forzani). The ball is dedicated to artists and creatives who are imagining a better world. The ball is about celebrating those who have paved the way, inspired us to dare to dream. Yamuna Forzani is a British fashion/textile designer based in The Hague who will show her newest collection in a fabulous fashion show!

Ball categories listed in event! 🍍🍍🍍🍍

01 Jun 2018

Strange Fruits in a Glasshouse | KABK Interactive/Media/Design ➕🍊🔳💬


An exhibition, initiated by this year’s graduates from the Interactive/Media/Design–department from the KABK, The Hague. Seventeen young artists will present works that intersect between analog and digital design and highlight the relations between people, machines, systems, processes and societies. Join us for their exhibition and club night!

26 May 2018

Festival Dag in de Branding #48 🎷🎹 | Barbara Ellison, Matangi Quartet

[all ears]

This edition of Festival Dag in de Branding revolves around ‘spaces and fringes’.
The Matangi Quartet will perform on the ground floor. Through the application of prepared instruments, music boxes and all conceivable sounds that string instruments can produce, a new soundscape is created.

After that, Barbara Ellison engages listeners in a sonic experience using both human voices and computer ‘text-to-speech’ sampled voices as tools and materials to explore and generate Vocal Phantoms through the intensive and extensive use of repetition.

⇨ Check Festival Dag in de Branding for other programs and further information.

25 May 2018 – 26 May 2018

Sniester ☣️🖤☣️ Festival


Sniester presents an adrenaline ride amidst a hundred acts, happening in the Popdistrict in The Hague. The old and the new, fragile solo-acts or nasty grind-metal will break your doors of perception wide open again.

⇨ In The Grey Space:
G.O.D | The K |
It It Anita | Briqueville | Rectal Smegma | La Jungle

18 May 2018

Hiding in the Basement | Eddy Rakovic, James King, Luca van Grinsven

Friday the 18th almost marks the first in a series of yet to be titled basement nights at The Grey Space in the Middle. Eddy Rakovic, James King and Luca van Grinsven are gathering for a record bag longplay on the trusty PA, fading a soundtrack of protest. Join us for dinner, cold crates, and sub-frequencies. Invite and bring your friends and loved ones!

12 May 2018

WYSIWYG #10 🗺 1+1=3

[eyes open at all times]

WYSIWYG is turning ten editions strong and somehow they managed not to screen a single (former) Soviet Union film so far during one of their events. As a cinematic language, Soviet cinema is just as important as its Hollywood counterpart and shaped alternative ways in watching and understanding the moving image. Therefore they’ll screen Mikhail Kalatozov 1960’s adventure ‘Letter Never Sent‘ and will tell you more about the various cinematographic methods Russian directors used throughout the years.

11 May 2018 – 13 May 2018

Set. Preview Show | KABK ArtScience 🖲⏳💡


Set. is the preview show of ArtScience Interfaculty graduates of the KABK and features works by: Jan Boudestijn, Maarten Brijker, Nele Brökelmann, Koen de Groot, Leandros Ntolas, Veerle Pennock, John Sandli, June Yu and Manuel Beltrán.

22 Apr 2018

The Hague Record Fair🎙🌈

[scrolling through]

It’s time for the 5th edition of The Hague Record Fair.
On the 22nd of April The Grey Space will fill up with loads of vinyl and DJsets all day long!

21 Apr 2018

💿Index | Pessimist, Filter Fedde, Generate, Hexblack, Jim Zweerts & Mark Ridder 💿

[indiscreetly dancing]

Submarine presents INDEx, a night full of electronic explorations

Pessimist | Filter Fedde | Generate | Hexblack | Jim Zweerts & Mark Ridder (A.V. set)

12 Apr 2018 – 12 May 2018

🎧🎧🎧 Firma MES | De Affaire


An audiotour while exploring The Hague. 👀 The tour will start at The Grey Space, together. At a certain moment you’ll continue the journey alone. It wil be an experience driven by thoughts of you and others.

+/- 50 minutes
⇨ Dutch

06 Apr 2018 – 07 Apr 2018

Rewire ❎📢❎ Festival | Glice + Dieter Vandoren, Tristan Perich, SCRAAATCH, Kepla, Nadia Struiwigh


For The Grey Space, as a venue of Rewire 2018, Glice and Dieter Vandoren will create an audio-visual performance that combines the visceral, larger-than-life sound of Glice with an immersive spatial light installation by Dieter Vandoren.

⇨ With Tristan Perich: Drawing Machines + Listening Stations | SCRAAATCH | Glice + Dieter Vandoren ♡♡♡ | Kepla | Nadia Struiwigh

31 Mar 2018

Soy Milkyway Fundrave | KABK ArtScience 🚀

[in a hurryyyy]

On the 31st of March, ArtScience (KABK masters) is bringing you a highly anticipated intergalactic fundrave to support their graduation!

⇨ Also; the finissage of Triptych Oriel | 24/7 installation. With new exclusive works by Jessie Westgeest and Wouter Van De Kuijt. 

28 Mar 2018

oneacre.online | Artificial Intelligence Never Has a Headache | Karina Zavidova🗯🗯


OneAcre presents a launch of ‘Artificial Intelligence Never Has a Headache’, a publication by Karina Zavidova.
‘As citizens of a tech-savvy first world, we are afraid of being run over by another species.[upgrade:] [removed:] (But in fact, we are not comparable.) [added:] But why do we feel inclined to compare and compete?’

24 Mar 2018

🎞👁‍🗨WYSIWYG | The Thin Blue Line

[watching a movie]

In this documentary from ’88, Errol Morris investigates a 1976 murder case by creating cinematic re-enactments of the events that happened back then. Guided by an enchanting soundtrack by Philip Glass, Morris uncovers the truth and seeks out what really happened, to eventually change our history (and future) and the unavoidable repercussions. (USA, 1988, 103 min, English language, English subtitles)

20:00 — Doors open
20:30 —  Film starts

18 Mar 2018 – 31 Mar 2018

〰️⚗️〰️ Triptych Oriel | 24/7 installation | Wouter Van De Kuijt, Jessie Westgeest 〰️⚗️〰️

[staring all night]

‘The element water, melancholic and emotional data, the spaciousness of an image and three dimensional forms. Material as an object and reflection.’
Installation by Wouter Van De Kuijt and Jessie Westgeest, 24/7 exhibited through our windows.

17 Mar 2018

👁⚠️🗯Ground Festival🗯⚠️👁


‘How to act? As victim, as perpetrator? Apathetic or on the contrary revolutionary? How does an artist imagine when traditional answers are no longer sufficient?’
On the 17th of March The Grey Space will fill up with radical performances, art and music during Ground festival.

09 Feb 2018 – 16 Feb 2018

🌪🧠👁🔥Graukunst | Grauzone Festival🔥👁🧠🌪


The Graukunst exhibition ‘Void’ will take place at The Grey Space in the Middle;
Void presents photography, sculptures, paintings installations, collage, video, and performances.

Theis Wendt / Filip Vervaet / Harold de Bree / Nik Christensen / Isabel Reitemeyer  / Mio Fujimaki  / Andrea van Gelder  / Bertus Gerssen  / Eva Elaine & Ragnar  / Lula Valletta / Laura A Dima / Natasja Alers / Lillian Vlaun / Marie de Bruyn / Rik Buter 

25 Jan 2018 – 30 Jan 2018

💥Good Work | NOUN | KABK Photography💥

[flash] [click click]

NOUN is an international art collective of 33 students at Royal Academy of Art The Hague (3rd year Photography department). After 5 months of researching what ’Good Work’ actually is, the students are ready to share their findings in a group exhibition, curated by Femke Lutgerink.