Here, find our policy and our advice regarding the promotion of your event.

Our plan
One week prior to the event, we will publish an Instagram post to generate interest and awareness among our audience. On the morning of the event, we will share an engaging Instagram story to further promote the event and create a sense of anticipation. Additionally, the event will be featured in our monthly newsletter, which is distributed via email to our subscribers.

Our main social media platform is Instagram, but we also utilise Facebook and Telegram for promoting our events. Our posts follow a consistent format: the first slide features our artwork, while subsequent slides may include event-related photos, if applicable.

Your plan

Besides our efforts, we strongly encourage you to actively promote the event through your own social media channels as well. We are eager to see your promotion plan and are available to provide tips and assistance if needed. Please reach out to us well in advance.

Collaborative posts

If you wish, we can collaborate on Instagram posts to expand the reach of the event. For collaborative posts, we kindly request that your own artwork appears as the second slide. Please note that we do not accept requests for collaborative posts if the first slide solely showcases your own artwork.

Website colours

Our website pages feature specific color combinations that are integral to our branding and design. We cannot deviate from these specific colour combinations in order to maintain consistency to our website design. The available website color combinations are as follows: green/pink, green/turquoise, lilac/blue, orange/blue, purple/yellow, red/green, red/turquoise, and turquoise/purple. If required to align with the event’s aesthetic, we can offer you the opportunity to select a color combination from the provided options.

Your artwork

If applicable, please send us your artwork with the following dimensions: [specify] We will utilize this artwork as the second slide in our social media posts, alongside our own artwork which will always be the first slide. To ensure optimal quality, please upload the artwork in either JPEG or PNG format.

Poster policy
If you have a poster that you wish to hang on our poster wall, please do not do so yourself. Once in a few days, we have the company Flyerman comes by to hang the posters professionally for us. Please bring by the poster at The Grey Space at the bar, and email Alex to let him know,  and we will make sure to hang it. We can hang one (1) poster.

We do not hang posters inside our space for their promotion. Moreover, our windows are forbidden to hang things on. This applies both for promotional content as for artwork and installations during an event.