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Currently there are no new events listed. Check back with us soon!

🔸Haagse Popweek | Drop it like it’s Hot🔹

[needs answers, takes notes] The Haagse Popweek (organised by Popradar) will host a night for (starting) music artists. Artists can pitch songs (bring your usb) and ask questions to a professional panel. The panel includes people from various backgrounds, who can answer questions.

⇨ Panel:
Marieke Mckenna (
Mink Records) | Lotte Sterk (MassiveMusic A&R) | David Koster (Top Notch A&R) | Henca Maduro (New Skool Rules) | Githa Biekman (AT Bookings)

⇨ 13:30 (welcome + sign-up) | 14:30-16:30 (panel) | 16:30-18:30 (drinks and showcases)

Facebook Event Popradar

Modern Body Festival | Alien Bodies 👂👣👤

[exploring the alien, the unknown, the ‘other’] This year’s Modern Body Festival exhibition features out-of-body, one-on-one artworks, new speculative architecture in preparation for a zombie apocalypse, sonic bio-art, stunning short films exploring the isolation and loneliness of globalisation, and more.

⇨ Featured works:
The Constitute – EYESect | Weihaw Wang – The Cosmos Urchin | Maria Molina Peiro – One Year Life Strata | Alina Ozerova – Take Me, Bring Me | Natalia Papaeva – Yokhor | ^ Studio – Common Task | Alcaeus Spyrou – Anina | Sabina Ahn – Sonomatter | Erdem Tasdelem – Wild Child

⇨ Friday: 17:00-22:00 (exhibition), 19:00 (opening) | Saturday: 12:00-22:00 (exhibition), 22:00-02:00 (party) | Sunday: 12:00-20:00 (exhibition)

Modern Body Festival Facebook Event

👻 Di Verso | Halloween Dinner

[growling stomachs] The ladies of HaagseHapjes will create an inspiring menu during this Di Verso’s halloween edition.

⇨ Menu:
1 | Boddy Mary & Witch Vingers
2 | Spicy (Cheese) Fondue in Pumpkin, Freaky Veggies, Bone Bread
3 | Dig your own Chocolate grave!

⇨ RSVP by attending the event

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Popronde Den Haag 💚🍄💚 | Smudged Toads, Elsa Lester, Carina Nebula

[preparing for a sonic high] The Grey Space collaborates with The Daily Indie to present three upcoming bands in the basement during Popronde Den Haag 2018.

⇨ Bands performing:
20:00 Elsa Lester | 21:30 Carina Nebula | 23:15 Smudged Toads

⇨ Check Popronde Den Haag for other venues and performances

Popronde Den Haag The Daily Indie

🥧Di Verso | Thanksgiving Dinner | Dan Nicholas🥧

[growling stomachs] ⇨ Menu:
1 | Roasted butternut squash soup
2 | Roasted turkey w/ homemade stuffing & gravy
mashed potatoes, sauteed green Beans with shallots & toasted almonds, bourbon glazed carrots, cranberry sauce
3 | Apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie

Antilounge 22 | 🛰🧠🛰 Drones & Beats

[hearing various things] For the release party of Antilounge 22, Drones & Beats, Antilounge created a program consisting of 18 (!) experimental live acts in the basement of The Grey Space.

⇨ Drones: The Monoranger | Trapper | Mouches Volantes | Crystal Archives | YobKiss | Paul Klaui | The Sunshine Lounge, Rob Kanters X ISH Orchestra

⇨ Beats: De Methode | Generate | Duistere Bardo | Foresense | Olaf Wempe | Rowine | Medium Rar | Zoe Reddy | Marric | Gallus + vj Studio Baseground

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Vessel 4.0 | The Ex, The Howl Ensemble 💜❤️

[unpolished vibes] Vessel is a series of special concerts from national and international underground artists for a select audience at undiscovered locations in the city, organised by Paard. For this edition Vessel invited The Ex and The Howl Ensemble for raw, pure and unpolished performances.

Tickets Facebook Event

Di Verso | Japanese Stamppot meal | Hete Bliksem Aan Huis 🗻🇯🇵

[growling stomachs] ⇨ Menu:
1 | Sake with Edamame
2 | Japanese stamppot with chuka wakame, daikon, shi-take and a sesame-dressing.
With a homemade Sake sausage or vegetarian chicken teriyaki.
3 | Black sesame ice-cream

Hoogtij 🔣 | P.S. 🔣 | Time

[gazing at time] P.S. organises “Time!”, an experience of the moment which offers a temporary respite, at the hectic pace of modern life and reflects on how we deal with time. For this #Hoogtij evening at The Grey Space, P.S. presents a program which continuously features performance art throughout the ground floor.

⇨ Participating artists: Larysa Bauge | Cristian Bujold l Vivian Chinasa Ezugha | Kuba Falkowski | Roos Hoffmann | Meri Hietala | Jolanda Jansen | Graham Martin | Ieva Savickaite | Somer Meijer | Yvette Teeuwen | Topp & Dubio


Hoogtij 🔣 | WYSIWYG #13 | Peek-A-Boo | Durk Reitsma, Fenna de Jonge

[gazing at void] During Hoogtij #55 WYSIWYG puts ‘Peek-A-Boo’ on display, a program that offers every passerby a glimpse into their playful events. Actor and theatre-maker Durk Reitsma and set designer Fenna de Jonge construct an intervention that, through its expression, shifts the way you experience the short films for this evening’s sneak peek edition. Drop by anytime during the evening at The Grey Space, and take a look from the outside of the building to experience the cinematic void WYSIWYG created on the inside.


Utopian Cultural Heritage 🍈👁💦 | KABK Graphic Design

[seeing water worlds and gender-free nirvana’s] For this exhibition, the 2nd year graphic design students of the KABK had to create their own utopia and make cultural artefacts that would represent these new societies. From water worlds to gender-free nirvana’s, the students have created 10 ’what if?’ scenarios, let yourself emerge into these new worlds. 

🧀 Di Verso 🧀

[growling stomachs]  Menu:

1 | zucchini brocolli soup
2 | cheese fondue with bread, fresh vegetables, fried mushrooms, roasted cauliflower
3 | kruidnoten cake with white chocolate

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🎱🖤🖥 Algorithmic Anxiety | Design & Research Bootcamp | NXS

[exploring? designing? making?] Through exploring three levels of algorithmic power over humans – assist, control and replace – this bootcamp will map out the relation between algorithmic authorities and human anxiety.   The bootcamp’s collective “research through making” approach mixes theoretical input, visual and textual assignments with performative elements. Lectures by Dr. Nishant Shah and other special guests (TBA) will introduce the participants to the concept of artificial authorities and how they relate to the “self’ within the context of this workshop. Selected parts of the bootcamp results will be included in the upcoming printed issue NXS #4 Algorithmic Anxiety, to be released in February 2019.

Please note: this bootcamp is meant for participants only and won’t be open to the public.

NXS World

🌀In the Future… | KABK Graphic Design🌀

[time traveling] “In the Future…” presents 42 individual proposals for companies, organizations and groups that could exist in the year 2083. All these entities are represented by a booth in a fair-like setting with both printed and digital matter as well as objects and memorabilia of various kinds to materialize the ideas.

Under guidance of Laura Pappa.  Same time same place, an exhibition on alter egos by Playlab (KABK Graphic Design) students of the 2nd and 3rd year will be on show.

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Hiding in the Basement | Off Center | Val Clipp, James King ➕➕➕➕

[mist] Continuing the now not so secret hideout installment in our beloved, crooked basement, proudly presented by Off Center and yours truly. Sitting, moving through the fog. No lasers, no filters, no fillers. Val Clipp & James King, bags packed. Discs, files and demos all night.

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Aan Tafel! 🍴

[Dutch only, sorry!] Aan Tafel! is een multimediale theatrale belevenis waar eten en herinneringen centraal staan. “Hoe smaakt jouw thuis?” Theatermaker Annemarie de Bruijn trok met die vraag Amsterdam in en trof een rijke keuken. Samen met filmmaker Jasper Masthoff en decorontwerper Reier Pos maakte zij een multimediaal diner over eten en de grappige, mooie, ontroerende of belangrijke herinneringen die daaraan vastzitten. Aan Tafel! is een theatrale belevenis met kleine hapjes. Het is geen volledig diner.

Aan Tafel
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Backlash | The Brommers 👏

[backlash… real rebel… so fast] On December 29th at five The Brommers will celebrate a vinyl release, with never published demo’s, live recordings and studio recordings during 1979-1981.

The Brommers
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💥 Di Verso | Soto-man 💥

[growling stomachs] A fresh new dinner during Di Verso’s! A rich soto soup made the old fashioned Indian way. Chicken or vegetarian stock, filled with lots of fresh vegetables and herbs and many toppings to choose from. In the evening; sounds by DJ Scroppino.

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🌽Di Verso | Indonesian Meal 🌽

[growling stomachs] Celebrating the last Di Verso dinner, at least for a while… A diverse and delicious Indian meal with a vegetarian option!

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New Year’s Drinks 🥂 at De Helena

[Proost, Santé, Cheers!] On the 14th of January 2019 we will have a toast at De Helena! With installations by ReFunc, a performance by Jessica van Deursen, Monique van Deursen and  Sis Josip and music by Radio ñ. For the occasion, Stichting Ruimtevaart and billytown  will open their doors!

⇨ Organized by: 1646billytownDe BesturingFotomuseum Den HaagGemeentemuseum Den HaagGEMHaagse KunstkringHeden Kunst van NuHoogtijRoyal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK)Locatie ZMaakHavenNestParts ProjectQuartair Contemporary Art InitiativesStichting RuimtevaartSee LabSis Josip GalerieStroom Den HaagThe Grey Space in the MiddleWest.
⇨ Location: De Helena, Helena van Doeverenplantsoen, 2512 XW Den Haag

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